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Masterclass: Landing a Software Engineering and Tech Job in Any Hiring Climate

By: Rahmel Bailey

Landing an early career software engineering or tech job in the current hiring market may be rough, but with the right strategies you can land a job. I have spoken with many candidates and understand the rejections people are facing.

Here is a masterclass on the strategies and roadmap you can use to land a software engineering job in any hiring climate and learn what companies that hire are looking for in top candidates.

I have use many of these strategies myself to land positions at companies like Amazon, American Expresss, NCR, and General Electric.

And over the years I have been helped over 100+ students and early career professionals with interview and career prep from workshops or 1:1 support on their tech career path.

In the FYJUMP Membership program our team of industry software engineers at top companies are working in a small group to support individuals land, while you go through our course and gain advice from recruiters. Learn more at

If you are interested in learning more about our FYJUMP Membership Program learn more at


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