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3-Week AWS Cloud Training Program

Building in-demand AWS Cloud Technology skills through training can help you get your next tech position. 


This program will improve your technical skills and provide you with career strategies guided by industry professionals.  

Studying at Home

Become a more competitive candidate in your job search and land your next tech role.

Program Dates

Next cohort runs runs in Winter 2023

The Program is 100% Virtual

AWS Training Benefits

How Will the AWS Cloud Training Program Help My Career

Having skills in AWS (Amazon Web Services) will enable you to work on Cloud Technology and is used in a lot of roles including Software Engineering, Cyber Security, IT, and many other tech jobs. Today 90% of US companies use the cloud. Gaining a certification will prove your understanding of AWS and will make you stand out and be more competitive in the job market.  It will give you practical skills that you could use on the job. 

Have you experienced any of the following on your tech job search?

Applied to countless tech jobs but rarely hear back for interviews. 

Have not successfully gotten a job offer from a recruiter.

Need support from people in the field to land your next tech.

Need to build stronger technical skills and more confidence for your career.

Benefits of the 3-Week AWS Cloud Training Program

Get support from tech professional to build your skills and land a technology role.

Gain foundational technical skills in AWS cloud technology.

Learn to develop a strong resume.

Learn strategies to get more interviews for tech roles.

Gain preparation for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam to gain an AWS Certification.


Create projects using AWS that can be added to your experience/ resume. 

What positions would an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification be useful for?

It is useful to gain many different software, IT, and cyber security roles. Some include Software Engineer, Cloud Developer, Cloud Engineer, DevOps, Product/Program Manager, Scrum Master, Cloud Analyst, Cloud Consultant, Network Engineer, and Cyber Security Analyst. 

Who will benefit the most from the the 3-Week AWS Cloud Training Program?

The AWS Cloud Training Program was designed for current students, recent graduates, and people early in their technology careers. It is best for candidates that have little or no experience with AWS and will focus on building fundamental skills to get the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course. You don’t need previous experience coding or any industry experience as the goal is to support you to land a position. 

Is the AWS Cloud Training Program right program for me?

The program goal is to help students, recent grads, and early career individuals build technology careers. It will enable you to build your technical value and become a stronger candidate for your career. You will gain technical training and career strategies from successful tech professionals. 

Who are the Instructors

Rahmel Bailey
Software Engineer at Amazon

Rahmel is a software engineer at Amazon and uses AWS and other tools to build solutions on engineering teams. He has created training programs to support students and recent grads including a Technical Coding Interview Bootcamp. He has worked with companies like Citi =Bank and to create workshops that support early career technology development. He created FYJUMP to help people on their journey to a tech career. 

Ronke Osipitan
Software Engineer at Square/Block

Ronke is currently a Software Engineer at Square/Block, and a previous Software Engineer at Citrix developing core products and services. She currently has over 3 years of working professionally in AWS and Azure Cloud Technology and has served as a Computer Science Teaching Assistant at the University of Albany. 


Steven Kimani
AWS Certified Instructor

4x AWS Certified Instructor instructor has worked professionally in the software industry for over 12 years and giving him expert knowledge. He also has experience training many people to build AWS skills to grow their careers. 

Weekly Schedule Breakdown

All Sessions Will Be Recorded in Case Your Miss Any Live Session *

The Program will be 100% Virtual

Week 1

Intro to Cloud + AWS

Practice AWS Certification Exam

Resume Development


Week 2 

Fundamental AWS 

Hands-On AWS Project

Interview Review


Week 3

Fundamental AWS 

Hands-On AWS Project

Practice AWS Certification Exam 

Strategy to Get Interviews + Jobs

Ready to join the 3-Week AWS Training Program?

Landing your next position in technology early in your career may not eb easy. But developing in-demand AWS Cloud Technology skills with the training can help you get your next tech position. Let's get you started. 

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