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We Make Finding the Right Candidate Simple 

Direct Hire Staffing Services for Tech Roles

Scaling Tech Workforce

Our network of candidates allows us to help companies that are growing their tech workforce to fill large vacancies and meet growing talent demands.

Streamlined Full Service Recruitment

Our streamline staffing service handles all the work from finding and moving candidates through the process. We screen, schedule interviews, update candidates and hire to save you time. 

Match the Right Candidates

We provide qualified individuals whose interests and needs align with the company. We don't just find candidates that are qualified to work at a company.

Grow Brand Awareness 

We increase the exposure of  companies to target candidates by sharing throughout our network of students and early career individuals. 

We Streamline Our  Process



Meet with the company to learn the required qualifications and wants of the role. 


Find candidates using our network of  early career individuals. 


Screen and select the best individuals that fit the needs and wants of the company. 

Schedule Interview

Schedule all interviews with the candidates that will move forward. 

Update Candidates

Update candidates about their current status in the process. 

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